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Kewaunee Job Opportunities

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Kewaunee History

Kewaunee Power Station (KPS) is located in the city limits of the Town of Carlton in the southeast corner of Kewaunee County, Wisconsin on the west shore of Lake Michigan.  The plant site is approximately 908 acres with an active transfer station located within the footprint.

KPS is a single unit site with supporting facilities. The nuclear steam supply system is a two-loop pressurized water reactor design supplied by Westinghouse Electric Corporation housed in a steel primary containment vessel surrounded by a concrete secondary containment building.  


The reactor was licensed to operate to a maximum power output of 1772 megawatts-thermal (MWt).  KPS has an on-site Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (“ISFSI”). The transfer of all spent fuel to the ISFSI was completed in 2017.

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Kewaunee Power Station (KPS) officially shut down

KPS is placed in SAFESTOR

May 2021 License Transfer Request with the NRC

Dismantle the physical plant 



June 2017 Dominion Energy completes fuel transfer to Dry Cask Storage

May 2021

EnergySolutions acquires Kewaunee Power Station from Dominion Energy

2022 EnergySolutions Starts Decommissioning Process

Terminate license (approximately 2030) 2030 Land Restored

It is estimated decommissioning activity will take between 7-10 years once the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approves the license transfer from Dominion Energy to EnergySolutions.  With the spent fuel already relocated from pool-to-pad (Interim Storage) we expect physical dismantling of the facility to begin in 2022.  Once the facility is dismantled and final status surveys are conducted EnergySolutions will submit a request to the NRC to terminate the license.  All that will remain on property when decommissioning activities are complete will be the ISFSI (spent fuel storage) and the active transfer station.

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