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EnergySolutions announced in May 2009 the company received Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approval for the license transfer of the Zion Nuclear Power Station to officially begin full decommissioning of the facility.   This is the first decommissioning project for EnergySolutions with the goal of the project to safely accelerate cleanup years ahead of the schedule allowing the land to be returned for other beneficial uses sooner than originally planned.


One of the first major tasks was to design and construct a Interim Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) for the transfer of spent fuel from the fuel pools to the ISFSI pad.  EnergySolutions completed this work in 366 days allowing for decommissioning efforts to remain on schedule and budget.  Another major milestone in the project was the demolition of the two iconic containment towers.


The physical work is now complete and the final surveys are in process with preparations nearly complete for a request to the NRC for a license transfer of the facility back to the utility in early 2021

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